1998 Transcript of X-Files live chat with Gillian 
Anderson, David Duchovny & Chris Carter

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Below is the transcript from our 1998 Ninemsn world-wide live chat with X-Files stars Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny & writer Chris Carter.

I was a member of the team back at NineMSN in Australia who helped run and co-ordinate this live event.


X-Files Live Chat Transcript

NineMsn, MSN Start UK, MSN US, MSNBC and Microsoft Studios, in 
conjunction with New Weekly in Australia, welcomes X-Files The Movie 
fans from all over the world to our online chat with X-FILES stars Gillian 
Anderson, David Duchovny, William B. Davis (The Cigarette-Smoking 
Man), and John Neville (The Well-Manicured Man), as well as the movie’s 
producer and writer Chris Carter on the eve of the X-Files’ movie, Fight 
the Future, release worldwide.

This is the transcript of the record-breaking X-Files live chat event 
where over 21,000 users logged on to chat with the stars of Fight The 
Future. Given these numbers and the dynamism of the chat 
environment, some questions and answers read out of sequence. This is 
the way they appeared in the chat room – so enjoy them!
It is 7am in Sydney Australia and 6am in Japan June 12, 1998, and 10pm 
in the UK, with other countries online as well, 11 June, 1998. Ladies and 
gentlemen, we give you The X-Files Movie Internet Event!


Welcome to FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder aka David Duchovny and Dana 
Scully, aka Gillian Anderson with X-Files producer and writer Chris Carter on 
the day the X Files Movie premiered in Los Angeles June 11th.
Our first question:

<Shahilah Hamdan-Malaysia>
What was the wildest thing that ever happened during filming of the X Files.

David Duchovny:
One time we actually broke for lunch on time <g>

Gillian Anderson:
Oh Gawd! the wildest thing that’s ever…? – Well along that vein, we actually… it 
rained so hard we had to stop shooting, that was just one day in five seasons. 
We were in the woods and were supposed to be sitting down the water was up 
to our navel… so we all went home (laughs)

Chris as the director any anecdotes…?

Chris Carter:

David Duchovny:
….Chris never broke for lunch :0)

Chris Carter:
Yeah, nothing that springs to mind…


<Jeremy UK>
What was it easier for you making a movie instead of a T.V. series?

David Duchovny:
Well, from the beginning we’d always said that our show was like the movies we 
were seeing in theatres. It had production values of a movie and doing stories 
that were movie worthy.
We’d made this boast to our selves though we’d never gone public with it – we’d 
always thought the Show was like a movie. So to actually make the movie was 
kinda like a fulfillment of that boast or promise – that we had been secretly 
boasting about amongst ourselves about…did I say the word boast enough? :0).

Gillian, did you change your acting style at all?

Chris Carter:
You were bigger, right?

Gillian Anderson:
I was yeah…

David Duchovny:
Wait was that a request :o)

Gillian Anderson:
<g> I don’t know. I don’t think so. The whole film feels a little different up there 
on the big screen… <giggles> I’m not sure if it was simply because we were 
bigger, and it’s wider I don’t know did it feel different to you…

Chris Carter:
<laughs> I know – as David said, we took a big screen approach to our small 
screen, I know now that was what we imagined we took but everything 
changes for the big screen because doing a movie is a much bigger venture than 
doing a TV Show and not just because it costs more, because everything 
changes – the size of that screen changes the dramatic weight of everything.


<staci in Portland>
What will the move from Vancouver to sunny Los Angeles for the darkness in 
the X Files that we have come to know and love?

<general groans, snoores and yawns>

Chris Carter:
Yeah, I think we’ve heard of this question before…I’ll answer the questions ;0)

David Duchovny:
It means the DC will have to make things darker <grin>

Chris Carter:
I’ll answer the question. <g>, Actually, the move will offer us some different 
stories to tell we’ll be able to go down to south western states – the X Files 
travels around the stories are in different places – we get to go to California, 
Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas – places we wouldn’t go normally in 
Vancouver cuz you can’t get there…


<Ximena in Mexico>
Chris, do you ever plan on giving Scully a desk?

Chris Carter:
I think that question was answered in an episode we did in the 4th season…she 
does have her own desk – and a tattoo to go along with it.

David Duchovney:
Yeah…she has a tattoo of a desk!


<a peculiar question Camilla US>
If Fox Mulder discovered that Larry Sanders was an alien clone? Would he 
have the heart to kill him with an Ice Pick.

David Duchovny:
Yeah, I think I would stab him. But it wouldn’t be with an ice pick <grin>


<Sarah, AGE 12 UK>
You know you played Basket ball.
Did you seriously consider a career as an athlete?

David Duchovny:
I considered it but nobody else went along on that fantasy with me.
I played in basketball in high school a little bit in college.
I shot a shot in “Paper Hearts”. I sunk like five out of eight (baskets).

He did and he was pretty far back! 3/4 of the way back on the court – I helped 
him of course.

David Duchovny:
Well, I don’t wanna brag <grin> That other guy Tom Noonan he is a good ball 

Gillian Anderson:


<Anna in Sweden>
How do you account for the X Files’ tremendous popularity?

Chris Carter:
I’ll answer that – It’s David and Gillian – that’s it – period. It’s the characters they 
play and the way that they play them.

David Duchovny:
It’s Chris..

Gillian Anderson:
Oh, it’s not just…it’s many, many things…scripts, cinematography, the sets, the 
relationship between Mulder and Scully, the co-stars we get to work with and 
the casting of them, the topics and the subject matter.

Chris Carter:
…Canadian accents…

David Duchovny:
Not anymore…

na US>
We know you as Mulder and Scully rather than Fox and Dana. Why don’t you 
call each other by your first names?

Gillian Anderson:
We do sometimes…

David Duckovny:
It’s like we use it as a dramatic device.

Gillian Anderson:
Yes, it’s because it ends up getting pretty intimate when we do
to the point where using the name Fox…sounds almost ahm…naughty about it in 
some way I don’t know – you know… <giggles>

David Duckovny: As long as she doesn’t call me F***s <laughing>

Gillian Anderson:
<over last> Yeah, no – Fox – I wasn’t thinking of it that way. It seems like 
another step towards intimacy.

David Duckovny:
Next season she’s just going to call me Fo… then just ‘F’….


<bizzyziggy US>,
Does the movie have plot threads that lead into the next season of episodes?

Gillian Anderson: Do you mean will it?… does it?

Chris Carter:
Yes. The idea was that the movie is a culmination of a lot of what happened in 
the first five seasons and then the big things that happen in the movie, will lead 
into season 6 and beyond.


Chris, do you have a favourite episode from the X Files series?

Chris Carter:
I have several favourites I choose from different seasons so I’d have to go 
through seasons 1 through 5. When I think about it. I was in Cost Rica at 
Christmas time and I watched ‘Beyond the Sea’ in Spanish so I must like it a lot I 

David Duchovney:
I have favorites, but I feel bad after I talk about them, because it’s like convering 
your blessing onto some of your children but not your others.

Gillian Anderson:
The one that stands out to me the most was a recent episode we did at the end 
of the 5th season ‘Bad Blood’, it was very different to ones that we did before, it 
was more of a comedic script and it was very funny – intentionally! ;0)


There has been a lot of speculation about where Mulder and Scully’s relationship 
is going. Will the movie answer any of that for us?

Chris Carter:
Ahhhhh…it will suggest some things but I don’t think it answers anything but it 
will present an interesting situation for Season 6. It certainly has ratcheted it up 
<grin> to an extent.

Gillian Anderson:
<laughs> Ratcheted it up? Hey, a bumper sticker!


Do you think that Mulder is capable of carrying on a romantic relationship?

Gillian Anderson:
<laughs> Why do you have a smirk on your face saying that?

David Duchovny:
It depends if it fits in the scheme of the story. I mean, the story telling takes such 
precedence in the show. To think that Mulder and Scully would be on the tail of 
some mystery or some alien and have to stop and discuss why Mulder doesn’t 
put the cap on the toothpaste – it kinda gets in the way sometimes – doesn’t 
really fit.
It fits the way it has been and that’s as a possibility or an accent but not as meat!

Chris Carter: I want to say to the audience… Beware of Agent Fowley!

Gillian Anderson:
Beware of her? wait a second…what?!

Chris Carter:
I’m just saying beware to the audience. Beware to you as well (to ‘Scully’) as 
well. Whatever you like – I think it’s been ratcheted <g>

Gillian Anderson:
Special Agent Fowley and Scully get together.


<For Gillian from peter in France>,
Scully’s character is increasingly drawing strength from her religious beliefs while 
Mulder has been more doubting of that. What are your own beliefs.

Gillian Anderson:
My beliefs are not religious per se they’re more – and I hate using this term – 
spiritual than religious. It doesn’t conform to any particular religion.
Without getting too philosophical…there’s not really any way to talk about it but 
it has nothing to do with organised religion of any kind.

Chris Carter:

What Gillian just spoke about or the character?
I think its interesting about Scully. She is a skeptic because she is a scientist yet 
she was raised with certain religious beliefs. The interesting thing about her 
character is that she is a scientist but her religious beliefs don’t fit with that 

How do you judge whether or not to do a mythology episode or a Monster of 
the Week episode?

Chris Carter:

You want to space the mythology episodes evenly because they are very 
personal episodes in the show. They tend to become the thing that everything 
else fits neatly within.
It’s sort of rhythmic thing. I think next year you’ll see 6 of 22 Shows will be 
about mythology. They are fun to do.
The difficulty is in making sure they can be easily understood but complex 
enough to be interesting …and make sure you don’t loose the audience along the 


How about for the acting does it make a difference Mythology episode or 
Monster of the week – stand-alone?
Gillian Anderson:
I feel sometimes that mythology episodes take more energy and take more 
focus. Monster of the week episodes are opportunities to do good work but 
also to kind of rest a little bit and not have to keep the intense focus on all the 


<kaisho US>
How much do the 2 of you, David and Gillian add to the story line yourselves?

David Duchovny:
Not so much. In the first three years I had something to do with a few of them 
but not years 4 and 5.

Gillian Anderson:
Except recently, I wanted to have a fight scene…and got the opportunity to have 

Chris Carter:
I’ll say! :0)
I think their contributions come through character. David and Gillian have a lot to 
say about their characters and what they would say in a given situation and that’s 
how the story lines are impacted. It’s always been a pretty open line of 
communication both ways – story and character.


<Brett, in Australia>,
Chris! The tremendous success of the X Files, is it all your Master plan – did you 
see this from the beginning?

Chris Carter:
Oh yes … <grin> No, you can’t imagine this kind of success because TV Shows 
don’t have this kind of run first of all… mostly it’s a business where things come 
and go. That we would be doing Expos, and we would have books and 4 
records now and movie – a lot of it is unprecedented so you don’t dare imagine it 
to be honest.

<Ernst from france> Chris, do you know the ending?

Chris Carter:
The ending of the show? Yes, I know vaguely where I want to go but there’s a 
lot of work between now and then so a lot of that will dictate how it ultimately 
comes to an end.


<email Germany>
For Gillian – Before the Show you were a relative ‘unknown’ to such a big star. 
What has fame meant to you?

Gillian Anderson:
I was unknown to the public! – no question about it. <giggles> What has fame 
meant for me?
I don’t know if it is ‘fame’ that has meant something more than the opportunity 
to be working continuously has given me the opportunity, to learn the business, 
how to work in front of film. Also, because of the show’s respect as a whole, it’s 
made an easier ground for me to at least have conversations with people that I 
respect in the business and that I would like to work with.


<Richard LA>
For DAVID – You work so hard
shooting movies in the breaks between the 
show. What drives you to work so hard?

David Duchovny:
I’m not working right now, I’m taking a break. I think that what drives you is a 
change of pace. Playing the same character five years in a row… you get a 
couple of months off in between seasons you want to do something else. 
Sometimes its interesting, but sometimes it’s rejuvenating sometimes exhausting, 
you gotta take the chance and try it.

Question from one of our Hotmail readers. Can you still keep adding to the 
characters after 5 years?

David Duchovny:
You add experiences to the character. The character is set. I set the character in 
the first year. The core of the character doesn’t change it is set, though it 
accumulates details and just goes through different experiences.

Scully has grown amazingly over the years with some extraordinary experiences. 
Do you see many changes for her?

Gillian Anderson:
Well, I don’t necessarily think it’s me taking her further. I rely and trust the 
writers to take her in interesting and sometimes complex directions. The writers 
have done that wonderfully with no input from me whatsoever. I think she is set – 
I settled into her character more in the third season. From that point on I feel 
comfortable with her. It’s just a matter of changing the details and experiences.


Would either of you be interested in Directing?

David Duchovny:
<nods> Yes. But if you were to talk about directing an X-File, it would mean, 
we’d need two weeks off to prep it, which would mean you’d need an episode 
and a half off as and actor and then you’d want more time for post production, 
which would mean more time on the back end, so it’s hard when you’re acting in 
a series with just two lead actors to get the time off to direct.

Gillian Anderson:
Not an X-File…I couldn’t imagine directing David! :0) (You know what I mean 
by that :0)) Eventually I would be interested in it, but I’m not prepared for by any 
stretch of my imagination right now. I haven’t been paying attention.

David Duchovny:
You know, it’s like you ingest it you know more than you think you do, but still 
don’t try to direct me :0)

<John Buffalo NY>

Chris Carter:
Guest writers are a lot of fun in this past season. Is that going to continue.

Chris Carter:
Yeah, I don’t want to go out and make a run on every horror or mystery or 
science fiction writer in the world. But there are certain really perfect fits Stephen 
King was one and so was William Gibson was another. We actually worked 
with William Gibson for two years off and on for that story and I was just talking 
to him today actually and we are going to do it again next year.


<Elkhorn, Nebraska>
What do you think is the most important aspect of the X-Files, what do you 
want fans of the show to walk away with? and Q: What do you think of all the 
fan sites on the Internet? Do you ever visit them?

Chris Carter:
I want people to be entertained and scared I want it to make it a great intense, 
hour of television. If they get anything beyond that – if it’s not that we set out to 
educate people even though the science is very accurate to the point where it’s 
almost speculative. What we all try to do is to make it a very entertaining show.

David Duchovny:
I think our shows been popular on the Internet from the beginning because the 
cult fan base being science fiction and that somehow entails owning a computer 
and being on the Internet is something that – makes sense. I don’t personally visit 
the sites…except for one time but it makes sense.
Gillian Anderson:
It seems to fit very well with the nature of the series. A lot of the episodes hint at 
the broadening of technology and technology taking over in some way or another 
and the involvement of extra terrestrials and their heightened technology. It 
seems logical…and I’m not answering your question at all…I think it’s great!


<Wind Canada>:
Did you have any reservations about doing the film as opposed to doing a new 
role or a different character?

David Duchovny:
Yes. That was the sole reservation, I wanted to do this film from the first or 
second year when we first started talking about a film. But you have a fear as an 
actor of doing one role too long and this meant 5 years now I’ve done this one 
character with only two or three other characters in that time. Also creatively, it 
can be a little stifling to play the same character. Spending the vacation playing 
Mulder it was a concern.

Gillian Anderson:
I actually didn’t agree at the time with Fox’s interest in doing the film during the 
hiatus. I thought it might be a better idea to do it when the audience no longer 
had the show to watch any more. But …ahm…I was wrong.


<jennifer Milwaukee>,
Chris, do you see a lot of movies in X Files future? :0)

Chris Carter:
I’ve seen a lot of movies this year actually… <grin> The word sequel scares me .. 
<laugh> They are a chance to exploit the success of the first one… I want to do 
another movie ! I want to do a whole series… Pre-quell doesn’t scare me at all 

David Duchovny:
This movie is actually part 4 of an 8 part serialisation like Star Wars. This is part 
4 there is three pre-quels and four sequels – this is just an equal.


Chris: What other science fiction writers do you enjoy?
Chris Carter:
I wasn’t a science fiction fan. But I like William Gibsons books and Doug 
Copeland but that’s not really science fiction per se. Although, I read Ray 
Bradbury as a kid.

David, there has been some great scenes between you and The Smoking Man 
over the years. Do you and Davis have a particular chemistry?

Gillian Anderson: (giggles)

David Duchovny:
No, we just play the scenes. They are usually high intensity screaming and 
yelling, pointing fingers, taking the cigarette out of his mouth and smashing it in his 
face and so on… so they’re fun! It’s chemistry of a kind….

Gillian Anderson:
I’d say that it’s chemistry.

David Duchovny:
Once we thought he was my father it got more interesting.
Gillian Anderson:
I think there’s definitely sexual tension between the two of them, but it’s 
overpowered by the sexual tension between Mulder and Scully…

David Duchovny:
We like to keep the sexual tension underplayed especially between the Cigarette 
Smoking Man and me ;0)
The tension got higher when William Davis started saying he was the Hero of the 
show and everyone’s father – it started to piss me off so the tension got a little 
higher – he needs to be ratcheted down a notch :o)

<Seal from Denmark>:
To DD and GA: Do you get sick of the fans. Is it a drag sometimes?

David Duchovny:
You don’t get sick of the fans. You get sick of talking about yourself. You get 
sick of yourself and the fans can bring that out in you!

Gillian Anderson: It’s true, after doing the junket…

David Duchovny: The fans bring the worst out of yourself…

Gillian Anderson:
That’s a very good point! It entails talking for 9 hours a day about yourself and 
your participation in the movie ad nauseum. You go home and you just want to 
beat yourself up a little. It’s horrible makes you just feel sick to your stomach! 
It’s weird, it’

s not healthy it’s not natural <laughs>

David Duchovny: She loves the fans…
Gillian Anderson:(laughs).


How much of your own stunts do you do?

David Duchovny:
You do some within reason, you do the stuff that they tell you that you can do 
that will look good and won’t hurt you. You don’t do the stuff that he tells you 
you’d be a fool to do.

Gillian Anderson:
You’ve gotta do some…

David Duchovny:
You trust the stunt co-ordinator or you wind up getting hurt. You can’t get hurt 
because you don’t have a sub. It’s like being an athlete you’ve no substitute.

Gillian Anderson:
You kinda do ’em, cross your fingers and hope you don’t get hurt.

David Duchovny:
If Mulder sprains an ankle, it has to be part of the story. I was playing squash 
with Chris and I tore a calf muscle. We wrote it into the story – a fall so I could 
be limping. I had to fake limp after it was healed.
I still beat him…<g>

Chris Carter:
I let him win :0)

Where does the Inspiration for the shows come from?

Chris Carter:
That’s a question that everyone asks and it’s impossible to answer, but the truth 
is that most of them come out of science so if you find some interesting science 
you can ask the ‘what if’ question and take it to it’s illogical or paranormal end.

David Duchovny:
The wonderful thing (to chris) if you’ll allow me to speak for you, about the 
mythology for the characters is that after a while it begins to dictate the 
development of the story lines and takes you to a new area where we have to 
kind of fill it in.

Chris Carter:
Right, at the beginning of season 5 we had this two part episode and when we 
came to storyboard it, the way the story worked out – for the first time, what had 
gone before began to dictate what should come next. It becomes inevitable, 
which suggests that when you make enough choices a pattern emerges and 
begins to assert itself.

Gillian, do you plan to pursue a Musical career of any kind?

Gillian Anderson:
No, no, no…no your taking about Black Astro Turf? – that wasn’t my intention to 
begin with at all. I was just doing something for fun – a one of – I did a Spoken 
word on a track for the band – it was just for fun.


<Q from Mexico>
David. Do you expect any Oscar nominations?

David Duchovney:
If there is it’ll be for the technical awards some excellent people came in and did 
some excellent work in this movie, so that’s where I’d anticipate it would go.

Are you Star Wars or Star-Trek fans?

Gillian Anderson:
I love Star Wars. I’m not familiar with Star Trek myself but my daughter actually, 
is a bigger Star Trek fan.

David Duchovny:
Yeah, I loved Star Trek in re-runs when I was a kid Channel 11 in New York.
I’m a fan of the original series I don’t watch the movies or the next generation or 
the present generation, just Kirk and Spock and Sulu and the boys.

Chris Carter:
No, I was a fan of Star Wars and George Lucas fan. I’m not a fan Star Trek fan 
and I get boos and hisses when I tell people that to Star Trek fans.
My big Brother was a fan and maybe that is why I wasn’t.

One of the similarities with the fan base continuing after the run of the show – do 
you see X Files conventions a little like Star Trek 20 years down the road.

Chris Carter:
To be honest I hadn’t thought about it. I think the differences in the shows are 
great. I don’t imagine X Files: The Next Generation or X Files Babylon 5 or it 
doesn’t seem like it is something that would come naturally out of the show or 
anything like that. It’d be more like re-runs of the Twilight Zone. They didn’t have 

David Duchovny:
Though that maybe because it was more an anthology…

Chris Carter:
…an anthology yes…

<Question from France>
Will you be touring Europe with the X File movie?

David Duchovny:
Yes, I might go to europe in late June or early July.

Gillian Anderson:

Chris Carter:
Uh huh no, I’m going to Mexico I got some fans down there – the Oscar people.

<A question from Ireland>
Mulder started out trusting no-one can he trust Scully fully?.

David Duchovny:
Yeah, I think Mulder has trusted Scully now for quite a while I think one of the 
interesting propositions we can play on now is when he distrusts Scully. So it can 
be more tense when he feels he can’t trust her rather than the other way.

Does the show have an over all message for the fans?

Chris Carter:
No, whats interesting for me over than wanting them to be entertained and see 
something worthwhile. I get to write about things that interests me in science and 
play with belief systems and dramatic devices. Overall there is no great message, 

How do you write do you have a particular writing style?

Chris Carter:
Basically the same way your sitting now. Hunched over… in the dark. :0) 
Nah..actually, I do have an ergonimically designed chair it’s a several thousand 
dollar chair but I have discovered I haven’t always been using the chair for it’s 
purpose. I need that edge of the seat feeling, like on a Saw Horse which is not 
what it’s there for.

Gillian Anderson: Yep. In the dark.

Chris Carter:
Yes, in the dark…

Will Scully continue to take a more active role in the sequels is she going to be 
doing more fighting scenes? Do you see her rescuing Fox and so on!

Chris Carter:
In the sequels Yes. Scully has rescued Mulder in the series, she is fully capable 
of handling herself I think it always exists as a possibility.

Gillian Anderson:
Yeah, I enjoy the physical work. Doing some minimal stunts – I enjoy lifting up 
David. It’s fun!

What’s the most fun?

Gillian Anderson:
About the series? Gosh! I guess playing the characters. Some of the most fun is 
the some of the work that we’ve done in Mulder’s office. There’s a historic feel 
to it in a way…

Chris Carter/David Duchovny:
Careful… don’t let that out right now…

Gillian Anderson:
Oh yeah, Okay…
We have a lot of fun. It’s hard work but it’s fun. It’s a wonderful opportunity to 
work with such great scripts, focus on the characters and developing the 
characters it’s complicated but it’s all good…

David Duchovny:
I can’t answer questions like that – favourite food, favourite musician, favourite 
movie, I go home at night and I kick myself after I answer questions like that – 
it’s all good, as Gillian said.

Chris, The Black Oil – can you tell us a little more about it?

Chris Carter:
I’m going to make a pitch for the X Files Album, which has a secret track on it 
where I give a little bit of information about it at the end of the record. So that’s a 
good place to learn what the black oil is so you have more sense of it so when 
you watch the movie you have a little more idea of the landscape that the story 
takes place in. It is extraterrestrial.

Final Question for our readers from England. Is the movie accessible to people 
who haven’t ever seen the TV programme.

Chris Carter:
Completely, we have shown it to a number of people…
even those who have 
never seen the show.

Gillian Anderson:
About 95% of the press haven’t seen a single episode and their response was 
that they completely understood it and on top of that, they would now go back 
and watch the show.

David Duchovny:
That has been on eof the nicest things about responses we’ve had from previous 
screenings. Even people who have never seen the show enjoyed it so much as a 
movie, as a piece of entertainment, completely in and of itself.

Thank you very much for joining us on MSN Start and MSNBC. We have been 
joined online by a record 21 thousand people online and viewed on 9,000 
NetShow Audio and Video streams.

Chris Carter:
Let’s do it again sometime, that was cool – so cool.