Popcord Taxi at the Valhalla

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Popcord Taxi at the Valhalla showcases the best in local and independent cinema, it screens everything from international features to 30-second videos. On Monday 25 June Popcorn Taxi presents a bonus session featuring special guest Hoyt Yeatman. One of the world’s leading special effects supervisors and an Academy Award winner, he has worked on such films as The Abyss, Mission to Mars, Armageddon and The Rock.
Yeatman presents exclusive test footage of The Secret Lab, then participates in a Q&A hosted by Michael Lim, founder and 2000/01 chair of special events for Sydney ACM Siggraph. The program concludes with a screening of Harvey, Australia’s only entrant at this year’s Siggraph conference, the world’s most prestigious event about computer graphics and interactive techniques.
For more info visit the official Popcorn Taxi website ::: www.popcorntaxi.com.au.