FTO presents How long is a piece of String

In Archive by Fredy Ore

The NSW Film & Television Office (FTO) is holding a seminar titled, ‘How long is a piece of String’ on October 17 to help local filmmakers understand how to best use digital visual effects.
Representatives from Sydney’s leading digital FX companies will guide producers and directors in the creative use of effects to raise production values for their projects and to access the best technology by the most affordable means. Some of the participating companies include Ambience, Animal Logic, Atlab, GMD and Kotij and practical special effects specialist Reese Robinson. These effects specialists, whose credits range from big budget productions such as Matrix and Mission Impossible 2 to high quality lower budgeted local productions have a commitment to producing special effects for local filmmakers.
For more info visit the website ::: www.fto.nsw.gov.au/News/N010921.HTM
Update: (2003) Here is another link to the event.