Expanding the Approaches to User Experience

In Archive by Fredy Ore

There is a super interesting article in Boxes and Arrows this week by George Olsen, titled “Expanding the Approaches to User Experience”.
The article comments on the Jesse James Garrett Elements of User Experience model and covers some interesting points which the author feels is missing, namely the view of the web as interactive multimedia.

“Much of the argument over what the ?right? kind of website is, stems from people?s failure to appreciate that, as a medium, the web encompasses more than just the specific aspect they?re most comfortable with?and a failure to appreciate that users might be interested in more than one type of experience. It?s a question of finding an appropriate balance between these three types of experiences.”

Excerpt from the Boxes & Arrows article, Olsen, G. (2003) Expanding the Approaches to User Experience [Online] Available: www.boxesandarrows.com