First Monday: Discrepancies in statistics of the Digital Divide

In Archive by Fredy Ore

First Monday post an excellent article by Elizabeth Davison and Shelia R. Cotten titled, “Connection discrepancies: Unmasking further layers of the digital divide”. The article comments on misleading information during statistical surveys which show that often studies fail to account and ask questions regarding the way in which the internet is accessed and who is likely to spend more time online.
Davison and Cotten comment that,

the type of connection is more important than other digital divide demographics such as education, race or gender. Subsequently, those engaged in the exploration of our Internet society should start controlling for how Internet users connect to the World Wide Web.

Excert from abstract, Davison E., Cotten S. R. (2003) Connection discrepancies: Unmasking further layers of the digital divide [Online] Available: