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I came across the creating Interoperable Data. This topic has some interesting areas that allows for content to be transmitted across the internet.

The first post I came across was this one by David Raynes where he commented on the idea of “More like this from others”. After reading a bit more about it I came across this post by Six Apart which toyed and commented more on the idea.

Ben Hammersley has built a plug-in which uses Trackback and RSS well.

There is an interesting article/paper on creating interoperable data and RDF content. The article is titled: “RDF Query by example” and is written by Libby Miller.
It covers the following topics:
1. Three principles for creating interoperable data
2. RDF Query: asking questions of very flexible data
3. Lightweight, hackable interoperability with RDF query: two examples
4. Completer-finisher stage: Getting from hack to service.