Optimizing & developing for a mobile device

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Mark Pilgrim (now an author for webstandards.org) has recapped on some of the reasons for providing a mobile feed of his website.

The post comments on the HTML tags understood by AvantGo‘s and a listing of some of the XHTML basic tags not supported, namely:
abbr, acronym, cite, code, dfn, kbd, q, samp, span, var, label, object, param, link, media & attribute.
In addition Mark comments on intentionally left out XHTML Basic tags for the Palm device which were deemed too difficult, but are supported by AvantGo:
b, i, center, font & Nested tables.

Some things I found interesting was that XHTML Basic has no provision for client-side scripting of any kind. Plus, Palm devices do not support any form of CSS; the link element (for linking to external stylesheets), style element and inline style attribute is not supported. Windows CE devices support the font tag.

The post also contains some interesting comments and a link to one of Brad Choate’s MT plug-ins, MT-Macros. Here is a permanent link to Mark Pilgrims post: