Piracy raid on Australian Universities

In Archive by Fredy Ore

The Australian newspaper comments on the Federal police raids of Australia’s ISP’s for alledged pirated music files such as MP3s which value a total of $60 million.
The interesting nature of this article is that, the investigation has occurred when music labels such as Sony and EMI begin Federal legal action against some of Australia’s universities including the University of Sydney, the University of Tasmania and the University of Melbourne for alleged piracy.

Australia has also been in the hot spot as international recording companies begin legal suits at Australian run file sharing network Kazaa Media Desktop (KMD), which I didn’t know, until reading this article, was run locally from Australia.
Hayes, S. (6 March, 2003) The Australian – Telstra raided in MP3 probe [Online] Available: http://news.com.au/common/story_page (Cited: 7 March 2003)