What is itex2mml?

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Itex2mml is a software tool that transforms embedded Itex (a dialect if latex) into XHTML and MathML.
Itex is the way of describing math, including subscripts, superscripts, Greek letter and all other math symbols using only the standard characters available on a keyboard. eg 2^2 = 2 to the power of 2. There are a variety of web browsers out there that can understand, read and render Itex. One such browser is Mozilla.

More information on Ittex can be found here: http://pear.math.pitt.edu/mathzilla/itex2mmlItex.html
ItexMML, the coversion tool of Itex into XHTML, can be found here: http://pear.math.pitt.edu/mathzilla/itex2mml.html The website contains useful resources and links to related MathML and Latex/Itex topics.