A talk by Peter Bray co-founder of Clear Blue Day

In Archive by Fredy Ore

I visited a lecture/talk the other night by Peter Bray co-founder of Sydney based convergent media company Clear Blue Day.
Clear Blue Day among other top sydney based companies such as Massive, Red Square and Glass Onion are an interesting company to look at because they are one of the only few companies, particularly in Sydney, who have survived the Dot Com crash.

It was interesting to hear Peter comment on things such as Convergent Media, Business models, Accessibility and the philosophy behind his companys working culture – which is very important.
Peter made a reference to this article in Australia.Internet.com titled, Why Tech Hate Marketers, which comments on the recent distinct increase in distrust, suspicion and dissatisfaction, between two important company areas, marketing and IT.
It is amazing looking back at the dot com boom, and some of the extravagant, funny and interesting lifestyles. Nevertheless, it is important as a business to focus on what’s ahead and live in the present – those days are long over.
Clear Blue Day is a web integration company creating solutions that are not technology centric but business centric. Named in 2001 as one of Australia’s leading web architects, Peter Bray contines to be recognised internationally as a leading voice in the world of online solutions.
Some of his recent projects include, the redesign of Sunbeam.com.au and eMac Express, McDonald’s world first on line and iTV ordering system.
What does he mean by Convergent Media? They do everything you see on the screen.