Australian INFront Visual Response

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Last Saturday, on Day2 of the Semi-Permanent Design Conference, there was a talk by Australian INFront members, Justin Fox, Matthew Willis and Sean Torstensson who commented on a Visual Literacy project.
They have been running a Project for several years now that asks designers to create an image without photographs and text which is representative of a “Word” they set out in a brief. The project is titled, Visual Response and contains visual responses by many designers from words such as Ant, Love, Marine, Eternity, Karma, Unity, Refugee, Traffic, Culture, Light and Magnetic, among others. The project was started in November 1999, by Domenic Bartolo and it’s aim is to promote creativity.

Their latest Visual Response word which they started at the conference is “Me”. Go check it out!!
I found it really interesting the concept behind their project particularly the idea of communicating with only images created inside photoshop or illustrator with no photographs allowed.
The idea of creating the opposite intrigued me – communicating text as imagery with no images allowed, only text. Similar to the ASCII art of the 80s and early 90s and it’s antecedents.