Fake War photographs by LA Times

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Brad Main from one of my Post-Graduate classes, commented on this cover article which was published in the Sydney Morning Herald last week.
The article refered to a fake photograph which was published in the front page of the LA Times on March 31, 2003. The image combined two existing photographs seconds apart, to accentuate the message/meaning portrayed by the two photographs.
There is an ethical, integrity and moral issue with this incident. Here is the editors note on the article, photographs and on the photographer, Brian Walski.

Here is another article on the photograph with user comments, titled Integrity Vs Artistic License.
I wanted to find the original article in the LA Times to read the accompanying text to the photograph, but have been unable to track it down, yet. I also couldn’t find the article in the SMH Archives, it was titled “Truth behind deceptive shutters”.