Multiplayer Flash Game

In Archive by Fredy Ore

I’m aware that a multiplayer Flash game with the intention to shoot your opponent’s members might not be something that fits in a time of war agression under the disguise for fighting terrorism, but out of at least three reasons Tankmania is worth taking a look at: potential of Flash as interactive and collaborative medium, entertainment and last not least: this game IS addictive.
I reckon to give Tankmania a try.

You can play basically two modes: Individual and Team. In the individual you can train your aiming and shooting skills by shooting each other (sounds more stupid than it is). In the team play, you have to try to get the other team’s flag back into your home. In both modes you can pick up additional ammo, bombs (one per time), smoke bombs (one per time) as well as partial and full health kits. Pick up the rope to pick up distant items by ‘shooting with the rope’.
Remember that the team play requires team interaction. I have played team plays where everybody was playing for him or herself. That doesn’t earn you points (1 for killing one of you opponents, 10 for bringing the opponent’s flag home).