New Scientist Sydney and Melbourne debates

In Archive by Fredy Ore

There are two debates happening in Sydney and Melbourne on Thursday 15 May in Sydney and Friday 16 May in Melbourne, as part of the New Scientist Human Nature debates.
The NEW SCIENTIST SCIENCE DEBATES are part of a worldwide debate series on a round up and analysis of the very latest thinking on human nature. A summary of the debates will be published in two special issues which will include special guest writers the Dalai Lama, Dan Dennet, Matt Ridley and Alison Gopnik.

The two talks will cover the topic of “Gender” and “The End of Free Will” with hosts and guests including:
Adam Spencer, Rod Quantock, Amanda Vanstone, Prof. Lesley Rogers (Prof. of Neuroscience and Animal Behaviour), Rachael Wallbank, Dr. Louise Newman, A/Prof. Garry Warne, Dr. Simon Longstaff (Executive Director St James Ethics Centre), Prof. Don Chalmers (Dean Faculty of Law – Uni. of Tasmania), Prof. Graeme Jackson (Director Brain Research Institute), Jill Singer (Award winning Journalist) and Prof. David Hay (Psychology Professor, Curtin University).
The Events will be held at the City Recital Hall and RMIT Storey Hall for Sydney and Melbourne respectively. More info can be found at the local NS Event site.