Start of final semester

In Archive by Fredy Ore

As the final week of uni break approaches and the beginning of my last semester at uni commences, I’ve once again started revising notes and catching up on readings and a few things I missed reading last year.

One of the things I’m excited about this year is working closely on my final project, for my Multimedia Masters. Process and methodology an area I’m determined be thorough and do well.

So look forward to some first hand feedback here, on obstacles and successes we encountered in the forthcoming weeks.

One things for sure, we’ve got a really great team together. Following the success of our friends and team mates last semester, we’re all determined to do really well.

Thank goodness we’ve started early. :)

In the next few weeks, you’ll also start seeing some changes here within reloade. I had the opportunity to do a usability study of the site last year, so tweeks and updates are on their way.