AGDA Design Research Journal Special Issue Call For Papers

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The AGDA Design Research Journal has put a Call For Papers on a special issue of the Journal covering Graphic Design & Visual Communication Research.

More information is available from the Journal, which contains information about the submission process and topics of interest.

Submissions should be sent no later than midnight Friday the 5th of November 2004.

AGDA Design Research Journal Special Issue Call For Papers
Topic: Graphic Design / Visual Communication Research
Guest Editor:
Mark Roxburgh
Visual Communication Program
University of Technology Sydney

Design research and design knowledge have been the topics of hot debate in the international forum for the best part of a decade. These themes have been covered in numerous conferences and journal issues dedicated to exploring them in great depth.

Whilst this interest has been critical in challenging design educators’, theorists’ and practitioners’ perceptions and understandings of design, much of the discourse can be characterised as:

  • often being largely theoretical.
  • dealing with design as a generic activity.
  • largely dealing with design activities other than graphic design /
  • visual communication / communication design.

This is not surprising. In an earlier moment of design history, these topics were hot property in the “Design Methods Movement” of the 60s and 70s, which emerged out of the fields of architectural, engineering and industrial design. These fields still tend to dominate discourse. Given this history, the implications for notions of research and knowledge in graphic design / visual communication have not been adequately articulated, or if they have, it has occurred in such diffuse locations as to appear as if little has been achieved.

The assumption that is often made about design being a generic activity, with little consideration for the media that one is working in, is also problematic. Though different fields of design have commonality, the implications for each in relation to notions of research and knowledge are potentially varied. It is with this in mind that I am calling for articles that deal with these topics, as they relate to graphic design / visual communication, for a special issue of the AGDA Journal of Design Research.

I am interested in receiving articles outlining case studies, as opposed to theoretical propositions, of the development and evaluation of models of research for graphics / visual communication practice. These case studies could be professional applications or applications at an undergraduate / post-graduate level. It is an expectation that in outlining a research approach, through case study, authors will provide a framing theory and rationale as well as a critical reflection upon it, rather than a ‘how to’ account.

The normal conditions and guidelines of the journal apply for this special issue but as guest editor I will oversee the peer reviewing process. Submissions should be sent to me no later than midnight Friday the 5th of November 2004. As the journal is electronic, all articles accepted on recommendation of the peer reviewers will be published.

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For any inquiries and submission of papers:
Mark Roxburgh
Director of Program
Visual Communication
Faculty of Design Architecture and Building
University of Technology Sydney
PO Box 123
NSW 2007
ph: 61 2 9514 8903