IBM User Experience Technical Report: Inside Social Network Analysis

In Social Innovation by Fredy Ore

I came across this interesting article the other day, whilst doing a little research at work on Social Networking.

The paper titled, Inside Social Network Analysis, is a technical report from October 1995 by IBM, Kate Ehrlich, Inga Carboni on Collaboration, Social networks, SNA, knowledge management, organizations, and UCINet.

Here is an abstract:

A management consulting firm hopes to win a lucrative contract with a large international financial institution. After weeks of intense preparation, the team sends off a proposal. Shortly thereafter, they learn that contract was given to a competitor with whom the client had worked previously. Almost six months later, one of the team members finds out that another group at the management consulting firm had worked on a project with the prospective client and had gained an in-depth knowledge of its business operations. Why, asked the frustrated team member, wasn’t this critical knowledge shared with the team?