Designing human-centered AI products a People+AI Guidebook

In Artificial Intelligence, Design, Digital Leaders, Experience Design, Technology by Fredy D. Oré

Google has started a guidebook called People AI Guidebook to help build human-centered AI products.

Written for user experience (UX) professionals and product managers it aims to help create a human-centered approach to AI within product teams.

The guide contains 6 chapters, each with exercises, worksheets and resources to help turn guidance into action:

  1. User Needs + Defining Success
  2. Data Collection + Evaluation
  3. Mental Models
  4. Explainability + Trust
  5. Feedback + Control
  6. Errors + Graceful Failure

Based on data and insights from Google product teams and academic research, the guide will evolve simlar to the way AI product design also grows or changes based on forward—thinking.

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