Recollection of online and offline reading

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Jason Kottke has posted an interesting blog entry about recollection of online and offline reading.

He points out that he finds it easier to recollect things if it is in a digital form, as opposed to reading a book, where the experience of reading can be more casual and relaxing in his case.

Funny, I have the same problem – I find myself sometimes digitising things for better access to it eg. scanning, blogging, doodling, etc.

Should we be blogging everything? :) I had a similar discussion about this with my friend CafeDave a few weeks back, where he asked me 2 questions via messenger and I replied with 2 blog posts which answered his questions exactly, word for word as if I was replying him directly (it was funny but weird).

I’ve thought at times about, writing this journal in a more “recollection-centred way” – in a way of perhaps better re-tracing some steps of sites I visited in the past, as a way of recalling places I’ve been, articles I’ve read and also things I’ve experienced.

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