W. Daniel Hillis view of the Knowledge Web (Aristotle)

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Edge.org has published an interesting article on the 2000 prescient paper by W. Daniel Hillis titled, “Aristotle”, in which he proposes “The Knowledge Web”.

The 2000 paper, covers a similar (if not very close) topic that of Tim Berners Lee’s – Sematic Web. It is an interesting read, that brings up interesting concepts on how the Knowledge Web might change education.

…where what is going on is not just a passive document, but an active computation, where people are using the Net to think of new things that they couldn’t think of as individuals, where the Net thinks of new things that the individuals on the Net couldn’t think of.

His paper is also discussed in detail by responses from Marc D. Hauser, Stewart Brand, Jaron Lanier, Roger Schank, George B. Dyson, Freeman Dyson and Kai Krause among others.