IA Summit 06 Redux

In Best Practice, Design, Experience Strategy, Technology by Fredy Ore

According to recent academic and business research, there is an enormous wave of people on its way to adulthood that may very well take us by surprise. And while many designers may be aware of this, we still face the challenge of making it clear to our clients and stake-holders.

This afternoon (5pm London local time) I attended the online presentation by Andrew Hinton here in the offices at work at Grand Union. It was a very engaging and topical presentation which was a repeat to a session presented at the IA-Summit in Vancouver in March earlier this year.

Andrew Hinton delivered his presentation using screen sharing software and a call line.

An excerpt from his IA Summit presentation:
Clues to the Future: What the users of tomorrow are teaching us today

Andrew Hinton

Beyond the hype and more obvious implications of the “net generation” are key questions that affect how business and design plan for the future. For example: the shift from hierarchical to nodal paradigms; the rise of new kinds of literacy (and authority); “virtual” vs. “real” money; the splintering of identity (the multiple user-id paradigm); and users who, frankly, expect your web environment to be as well designed as the best games on their X-Boxes.