Google’s Material design

In Design, Digital Experiences, Disciplines, Experience Design by Fredy Ore

Wired has written another post on Google’s Material Design, this time looking at the considerations within Interaction Design.

Material design is a few things. It’s a makeover—a “sweeping, well-reasoned, and often beautiful redesign” as we said earlier this year. It’s a new way of understanding user interfaces, in which UI elements get stacked like physical objects in three-dimensional space.

It’s a bid to unify … products across platforms and devices, a modular design language built to scale across not just phones and tablets but also watches, walls, whats-its, and wherever else Google might end up in years to come.

… Material design shaped the OS in some more foundational ways. One of the biggest is a new approach to UI … every interface is a three-dimensional construction, with each component behaving as if it was made out of real, physical material.

Examples include:
Picker components for picking date and time
Navigation drawer
Navigational transitions
Scrolling techniques
Swipe to refresh
Date & time formats

Some of the principles and Metaphors, Intention and Meanings are shared within delightful details being considered for Transitions. The Material design website also has a nice introduction to the new visual language of Material.