Scientific journal Nature makes all its academic papers free for the Public

In Science, Social Innovation by Fredy Ore

Macmillan Science & Education will allow the public to access its treasure chest of rich scientific research was announced today. Articles on will be made widely available to read and share to support collaborative research.

Macmillan Science and Education, one of the leading publishing and technology companies in the world, today announces the launch of a groundbreaking publishing initiative that will make it easy for readers to share an unprecedented wealth of scientific knowledge instantly with researchers and scientists across the globe.

Subscribers to 49 journals on can now legitimately and conveniently share the full-text of articles of interest with colleagues who do not have a subscription via a shareable web link on In addition, Macmillan Science and Education will take a lead on opening up public engagement with scientific knowledge to society at large by giving access to the same content to readers of 100 global media outlets and blogs.MacMillan Science and Education

Image Source: Nature Journal April 2014