Started reading Hippo & The Best Interface is No Interface

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If there are 2 books that come recommended in a time when we are all talking about Machine Learning, AI and Conversational Bots, it is these two, which I’ve just recently started reading. I can’t wait to get through them :)

The Best Interface is No Interface

by Golden Krishna
Our love affair with the digital interface is out of control. In this hilarious book, Golden Krishna challenges us to better understand our connection with screen-based interfaces with 3 principles that lead to more meaningful innovation.

Below is an audio sample of Chapter 2:


Hippo – the Human Focused Digital Book

by Pete Trainor

Below is a quote from the book:

When you step back and assess the way we design things, you realise that we don’t create, we discover. Mostly we discover what is already there, by aligning ourselves to a position so that creations emerge. Aligning in order to bring things into material form – to bring them into manifestation. This is a book about re-aligning design thinking to the thing that joins us all together – Humanity.