Mobile phone number portability

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Mobile phone company driving you crazy? High pricing plans and pathetic customer service? Want to change mobile carrier company but can’t because you’ll lose your mobile number? If you did change, that would mean telling all your clients and updating all your stationery, a costly affair if your a business user.

Take a deep breath because on September 25th 2001, mobile number portability will be here. Allowing you to move freely to which ever mobile carrier best meets your needs without losing your number. A situation that all mobile users will no doubt be pleased with, as competition begins to improve as a result of it.

The Digital Broadcasting Australia

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Digital Broadcasting Association (DBA) has been formed to help make the transition from analog to digital television as seamless as possible for the consumer

Digital Broadcasting Australia –

Television programmes on the new 16:9 format

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Here are some programs being presented in Digital 16:9 format. ABC Digital – Something in the Air, Love is a Four Letter Word, The bill. SEVEN Digital – All Saints, Better Homes & Gardens, The Great Outdoors. NINE Digital – News, A Current Affair, Who wnats to be a Millionaire, Water Rats. TEN Digital – GMA, News, Sports Tonight. closed doors last week

In Archive by Fredy Ore closed doors last week, following its launch late last year. Their focus was aimed at developing a wireless portal using WAP. was a venture set up by Channel Ten and Village Roadshow.

This follows a move by Adobe Systems who formed alliances with telecom, network, and computer companies including Nokia, HP, and RealNetworks, to develop and deliver content to mobile devices.

More on the Adobe Systems Press Release page.