Examples of CSS3 hacks

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Although hacks within CSS is a non-endorsed method by many accessibility advocates, here are some examples of filters and hacks that take advantage of CSS3. And a list of other …

Peter Ottery and the CSS redesign of the SMH

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Last night I had the opportunity of attending the Sydney June meet of the Web Standards Group (WSG), a local chapter of developers and designers pushing for web accessibility. The …

CSS Vault is a great CSS resource

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The CSS Vault website contains a selection of css websites which both inspire and are a great CSS resource. The website is a great place to visit for any designer, …

Creating better 404 error pages

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AlistApart have published a great article on creating better 404 error pages. A server 404 error page or message occurs when a website page is missing or cannot be found. …

Reducing image rollover downloads

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It looks like I’m not the only one excited about this super efficient article by Danny Goodman in O’Reilly’s Dev Center titled Super-Efficient Image Rollovers. They are lean, mean and …

Printing URL’s of links using @Media Types

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CSS properties are designed for a variety of media such as braille, handheld, projected presentations, including printers. When printing a Web page can often not include the URL’s behind those …

Scripting for 5th generation browsers

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Web Reference.com’s ‘Scripting for 5th Generation Browsers and Beyond’. An article by Eddie Traversa www.webreference.com/programming/javascript/domscripting

HTML Tables damages Web

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The Web Page Design For Designers (WPDFD) have written an article by Maxine Sherrin (The House of Style) on ‘website design Layout’ in their July issue. The article looks at …