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Converting file formats in the cloud

In Tools by Fredy Ore

A pretty neat tool Cloud Convert (in Beta) lets you convert pretty much any file format to another within the cloud. It can convert SVG to PNG and pretty much any other format I’ve thrown …

A list of 22 free Visualization Tools

In Tools, Visualization by Fredy Ore

ComputerWorld has featured a really useful list of 22 free visualisation tools The notable ones are: – a new tool to create data visualisations ( visualisation (

CSS Vault is a great CSS resource

In Tools by Fredy Ore

The CSS Vault website contains a selection of css websites which both inspire and are a great CSS resource. The website is a great place to visit for any designer, …

Screen reader and low vision simulation

In Archive, Tools by Fredy Ore

WebAim, a useful resource website on accessibility issues and topics for the Web, have a useful tool that simulates a screen reader, a device used by the blind to read/access …

An article in Salon on MPEG-4

In Tools, Video by Fredy Ore

An article in on a the next-generation multimedia compression technology’s (MPEG-4) controversial fees — ‘Stop, Pay Toll, Download’ is the title of this article by Damien Cave