Brent Yorgey’s Factorization Diagrams

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Brent Yorgey has written a post on Visualisations using factors (Factorization Diagrams). Recently Jason Davies has written on the Diagrams using D3 and a demo by Vjeux. In 2012 Brent …

Visualization definition

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vɪʒjʊəlʌɪz, -zj-| (also visualise) verb [ with obj. ] form a mental image of; imagine: it is not easy to visualize the future. make (something) visible to the eye: the …

Protovis is replaced by D3

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Protovis, the free and open-source visualisation JavaScript library has been replaced by D3 a new visualisation library with improved support for animations and interactions. The final release of Protovis …

Google’s Prediction API

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Google has announced new or improved APIs at I/O 2011: Prediction – predicting new results from historic data, Fusion Tables – sharing and visualizing data online, and Books – accessing …

A list of 22 free Visualization Tools

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ComputerWorld has featured a really useful list of 22 free visualisation tools The notable ones are: – a new tool to create data visualisations ( visualisation (

The IBM History Flow research project

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I’ve been reading up on a variety of projects whilst here in the UK. One I found particularly interesting is the IBM History Flow research project. The project is part …

Newsmaps visualisation of information

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Peter forwarded this link to Newsmap, an interesting way of representing the Google News Aggregator. Treemap’s are traditionally space-constrained visualizations of information.