UK Breaks dj, Adam Freeland on Triple J

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If you’re in Australia (or online) and you enjoy Breaks and other slammin’ beats, don’t miss Mix-Up tomorrow night (Sat) on Triple J 105.7FM, with UK guest dj Adam Freeland …

Is music older than language?

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Here is a fascinating blog entry by Ottmar Liebert on our human ability to enjoy Music. His blog entry and also user comments have brought up an interesting discussion suggesting …

Bose create new noise cancelling headset

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Bose have release a new headset which lets you cancel out sound and enjoy the sound of silence. Pretty nitfty. If only everything came also in these cancelling and “anti” …

Eurovision 2003 winner is Turkey

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Eurovision is over for another year and congrats goes to, Sertab Erener from Turkey for winning this year. Personally I thought the winner should of been Slovenia’s Karmen with NaNaNa, …

Music lyrics can influence aggression

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New Scientist comments that music with violent lyrics increase aggressive thoughts and emotions. The finding is interesting because previous popular belief showed that aggression and increased aggressive tendencies were thought …

The business-legal step by iTunes

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Everywhere I look there seems to be an article, blog post or review of the new Apple iTunes version and the Music Store. Here is an interesting article, which looked …

Did you say Wi-Fi or Hi-Fi?

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Technology Review comment on the changing face of Wi-Fi (802.11b). From wireless access points to audio-video streaming network servers. The article comments on Steve Dossick and his company’s frustration with …

What is Ogg Vorbis?

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Ogg Vorbis is a completely open, patent-free, professional audio encoding and streaming technology with all the benefits of Open Source. Ogg is the name of the container format for audio, …

See you at the Big Day Out 2003

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I will be taking official photographs for the BDO Sydney show with In the Mix this saturday. So I’ll see you in the pits and stages at the event. It’s …

An article in Salon on MPEG-4

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An article in on a the next-generation multimedia compression technology’s (MPEG-4) controversial fees — ‘Stop, Pay Toll, Download’ is the title of this article by Damien Cave