10+ years and counting.

This site has been my home for ideas, research and general good fun for as long as I can remember. It contains things I’ve written, observed, collected, composed, photographed, produced & drawn. I hope you enjoy your visit and wish the site is as useful as it has been for me.

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Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working at some of the most amazing companies alongside the brightest in the industry.

I wouldn’t be here without the opportunities that I have been given these years, and all that I have learnt along the way.

I wrote, composed and produced this track in 2007. It was a work-in-progress capture from a collection of 12 tracks for an unreleased EP. These recordings are due for an official release in 2016 through SoundCloud.

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In 2009, I started work on a project which aimed to visualise & identify trends in language, conversations, location and the relationships within User Experience and Interaction Design. The project was presented at the 25th BCS Human Computer Interaction conference, in Newcastle England. It is currently being rebooted and will launch for a public release in 2016.

An Interactive Session for HCI 2011

Visualising language within social media

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In 2006, I was invited to present at the 2nd European IA summit in Berlin. The conference Keynote was Peter Morville and my presentation was on a project which studied the UK’s transition from Analogue to Digital Television through to 2012.

A case study for the 2nd European IA Summit

Designing for the Digital TV Switchover

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