EyeToy for Playstation2

In Archive by Fredy Ore

The latest add-on for the Sony Playstation2, EyeToy – an interactive camera that captures your movements and reacts to them. The camera plugs into the USB port of your PS2 and displays an image of you on your tv screen.

The first game available which uses the camera has just been released, EyeToy-Play is a series of 12 small games that react to your movements and adds to your score. Some of the games include a Soccer header game, a kung- Fu action game, boxing, dancing and juggling, music Beat-Freak and some puzzles.

The user can track hand and body movements and colour on screen in real-time via the PlayStation2, with no delay or lag allowing users to interact with the gaming environment and characters on screen. The PS2 also enables 3D graphics to be laid over the ‘live’ video feed creating an even greater 3-Dimensional environment.

Here are some screen captures of the interface and a review by the Guardian Unlimited.

EyeToy is one of two new interactive products by Sony taking advantange of video, sound and network capabilities. SOCOM: U.S. NAVY SEALS is the other new PS2 game which uses voice command to control troops in an action strategic adventure.