Dot Everyone & the 2015 Dimbleby Lecture by Martha Lane Fox

In Digital, Digital Culture, Digital Leaders, Disruption by Fredy Ore

Last night’s #DimblebyLecture was from digital pioneer, baroness Martha Lane Fox who proposed creating a new institution to make Britain the most digital nation on the planet.

Her lecture focused on the values that make the internet great and proposed to help balance opportunity for civic, public & non-commercial bodies.

Today, we’re letting big commercial technology platforms shape much of our digital lives, dominating the debate about everything from online privacy to how we build smart cities.Martha Lane Fox

She introduced DOT EVERYONE and highlighted 3 important areas.


  1. DOT EVERYONE has to help educate all of us, from all walks of life, about the internet.
  2. DOT EVERYONE must put women at the heart of the technology sector. Currently there are fewer women in the digital sector than there are in Parliament.
  3. FINALLY we should aim for a much more ambitious global roles in unpicking the complex moral and ethical issues that the internet presents.

The lecture is available on the BBC iPlayer and a transcript including public comments are available at

The Guardian, the BBC and Apple CEO Tim Cook have recently written about issues raised in the lecture and with the Internet today.