When conversation hurts or hinders the Chatbot experience

In Digital Experiences, Disruption, Experience Design by Fredy Ore

Designers who are new to conversational interfaces often have the misconception that chatbots must chat. At the same time, they underestimate the extraordinary writing skill, technical investment and continual iteration required to implement an excellent Conversational User Experience.

Mariya Yao has written a helpful article titled, Does Conversation Hurt Or Help The Chatbot UX? which looks at appropriate applications for using chatbots and when not to use them.

It’s important to identify these points:

  • When you should add conversation to delight
  • How best to handle edge cases and conditions
  • When not to use conversational chatbots
  • The impact and affects on the user experience and brand

Mitsuku, one of the world’s most popular chatbots… has twice won the Loebner Prize, an artificial intelligence award given to the “most human-like chatbot”.

The popular chatbot has conversed with more than 5 million users and processed over 150 million total interactions. 80% of Mitsuku’s users come back for more chats.