Seth Godin tells it how it is, in the Design Better Podcast

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Seth Godin (enterpreneur, author, speaker) is special guest for the 5th season opener of the Design Better Podcast with Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery from Invision.

S5 Ep1: Seth Godin – Learning to take risks, be generous, and make a ruckus
Leadership does not come from people of authority, but from people who care.Seth Godin

I have been reading Seth’s blog and books sporadically for a while now. His influence on product and marketing are widely known and his blog seems forever eternal, updated almost every day for 15+ years. Incredible. He is a design & business leader who everyone should read & follow.

At an important time for people everywhere impacted by huge changes to pretty much everything caused by a global pandemic, Seth discusses what is important during times of crisis, such as leadership, creativity, business, design processes, engineering and the importance of constantly writing – preferable in a blog.

This podcast is really inspiring. Go check it out.

Below is a snippet from Seth on the required skills we need today during a time of crisis.

Q: What are the hard skills we need today at a time where automation, machine learning and artifical intelligence are becoming so powerful?

There is a difference between soft skills, hard skills and real skills. If it’s easy to measure, we tend to measure it – call that a hard skill. Hard skills that are easy to measure are becoming less and less useful. Because we can outsource them and we can get a computer to do them.Seth Godin

“I don’t call them soft skills, I call them real skills. Real skills, are hard to measure and they range from truly human behaviour, like empathy, the will to show up on time, making promises and keeping them, or becoming an empathic voice around a table. [It includes] what I learnt in engineering school, such as understanding sub-costs, figuring out the interesting choices and making assertions.”

“This is the work of science that can be measured. I think everyone should read these classics, everyone should have an understanding of the literature.”

If you want to go to college – you should study engineering.
Seth Godin

“And do the other stuff by filling in the blanks. Because, figuring out how to solve a problem with a solution, everyone should already know how to do that. That’s hard to do on your own.”

“But, if you can be in a product design, mechanical engineering, even chemical engineering setting – that is the right answer. [These settings] give you way more foundation, such as being able to make creative assertions about what should come next. Simply saying “…I will put on a show for you” is important, but it’s innefficient. It is really also important to say my code compiles.”

Seth created the altMBA and Marketing Seminar to transform online education and help people connect with their audience. He can be reached at Akimbo.

During UK lockdown I started learning Python and VueJS – I’ll share what I learnt in the blog here shortly. It’s good to be back, F.