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Business books of the Decade by the FT

In Books by Fredy Ore

The Financial Times has created a micro-site which lists the best business books of the Decade across a number of areas including History, Economics, Behavioural Science, Technology, Innovation and others. …

The marketing value of social networks

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Alexa comments on the marketing value of social networks and graphs its growth from January 2003 to September 2004. See also: Unlocking the elusive potential of social networks – McKinsey …

Global Information Architecture

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Lou Rosenfeld has posted a really interesting blog post on some of his experience regarding Enterprise IA and certain differences in the way culture, language and business models affect the …

A new Ethnography Wiki

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Peter J. Bogaards has posted a great link to a new Ethnography Wiki. Ethnography is a branch of Anthropology that deals with scientific description and study of human cultures and …

Professor Steve Burdon writes on the SMH

In Archive by Fredy Ore

My lecturer of my MBA subject, Professor Steve Burdon was last week interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald and ABC radio on Strategic Management. Prof. Burdon is currently a visiting …

E-Business Strategies – case studies

In Archive by Fredy Ore

E-Business Strategies have a selection of interesting Best Practice and Case Studies available to read online for free on various areas of strategic management and e-business.

The Art of Brownnosing

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Here is an interesting article by Kim Girard from Business 2.0 which comments on the Fine Art of Sucking Up at work. Referred to some as ingratiating – this technique …

The end of the free-wheeling Internet is over

In Archive by Fredy Ore

There is an interesting article in the Wallstreet Journal titled, Taming the Internet frontier. The article looks at the Legal changing face of the Internet, including copyright, sales taxes, among …