Arguments for & against Skeuomorphism in Design

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With the redesign of iOS7, the debate over Affordances and Skeumorphism gets debated once again. It’s like a pendulum swinging from obvious visual affordances to engaging kinetic ones. The parallax …

A list of 22 free Visualization Tools

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ComputerWorld has featured a really useful list of 22 free visualisation tools The notable ones are: – a new tool to create data visualisations ( visualisation (

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta UI Heatmap

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The Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta team & community have published some findings on the use of the UI for the new Firefox 4 Beta with a heatmap of the UI. …

Fitt’s law and the new Office 2007 interface

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I came across a really interesting blog post by Jensen Harris, on Fitt’s law and new Microsoft Office “Ribbon” user interface. Fitts’ law is a model of human movement, predicting …

Oz-IA 2006 Conference, Sydney (September)

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Eric Scheid forwarded me an email on the forthcoming OZ-IA conference in Sydney later this year. :) It’s great to hear this conference is happening back home! I remember (while …

3 types of Breadcrumbs

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Hal Shubin has posted a summary on the ACM CHI-WEB forum about 3 different types of Breadcrumbs, Path: Shows the pages you clicked on. Location: The place in the information …