IDEO’s vision on the Future of Books

In Future by Fredy D. Oré

IDEO have created a nice concept video on their visions for the future of the book. Meet Alice and Nelson – different experiences linking diverse discussions, connected readers, multiple stories and community building around books.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta UI Heatmap

In Archive by Fredy D. Oré

The Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta team & community have published some findings on the use of the UI for the new Firefox 4 Beta with a heatmap of the UI. …

Designing for Openness & for Loss of control

In Archive by Fredy D. Oré

Tim Leberecht has written an insightful article on the design for openness, ideation and the design for the loss of Control. Openness is no longer just a nice stunt but …

Information Visualisation in Design Practice

In Archive by Fredy D. Oré

A great paper from Joanne Mendel and Jan Yeager on Information Visualisation (knowledge) as a design activity in problem solving. This paper discusses the increasing complexity of problem solving in …

Fitt’s law and the new Office 2007 interface

In Archive by Fredy D. Oré

I came across a really interesting blog post by Jensen Harris, on Fitt’s law and new Microsoft Office “Ribbon” user interface. Fitts’ law is a model of human movement, predicting …