Spacially Aware Interactions & Devices

In Experience Design by Fredy Ore

Ishac Betran has shared a blog post and video of the idea for Spacially aware interactions on his blog. spatial |ˈspeɪʃ(ə)l| (also spacial) Adjective Relating to space: the spatial distribution …

Protovis is replaced by D3

In Visualization by Fredy Ore

Protovis, the free and open-source visualisation JavaScript library has been replaced by D3 a new visualisation library with improved support for animations and interactions. The final release of Protovis …

Content Aware Fill & Adobe Photoshop CS5

In Archive by Fredy Ore

Some of the new interesting features for Adobe Photoshop CS5 includes showing off effects even developers did not intend. One such feature is Content Aware Fill as written about on …

A list of 22 free Visualization Tools

In Tools, Visualization by Fredy Ore

ComputerWorld has featured a really useful list of 22 free visualisation tools The notable ones are: – a new tool to create data visualisations ( visualisation (