Daniel Kahneman at TED on Experience vs. Memory

In Digital Experiences, Experience Design, Experience Strategy by Fredy Ore

Daniel Kahneman, filmed at TED 2010 for his talk, The riddle of Experience vs. Memory.

…we might be thinking of ourselves and of other people in terms of two selves.

There is an experiencing self, who lives in the present and knows the present, [and] is capable of re-living the past, … and then there is a remembering self, … the one that keeps score, and maintains the story of our life,

…Those are two very different entities, … and getting confused between them is part of the mess…Daniel Kahneman

As designers, we often make informed decisions for inclusion (or exclusion of features, UI, content, etc) based on the journeys, emotional triggers and even considerations for how they will remember & recollection the products we design.

Daniel Kahneman’s talk lets us explore wider considerations for Experience Design (beyond business goals) to counter for powerful storytelling, empathy and recollection.