Config 2021 & Keynote videos are now on YouTube

In Design, Digital Experiences, Experience Design, Product & Service Design by Fredy Ore

Config 2021 was inspiring & a treat this year – particularly facing the challenges we all have working remotely due to the global pandemic. If you are new or already using Figma and collaborating remotely, the conference was for you – covering 2 days of inspiring talks by teams pushing the limits of Figma for use in Design Systems, collaboration within teams and more.

There were so many things I learnt this year, including loads of time-saving practical shortcuts and tricks I now apply every day. The conference was broken into 3 themes:

  1. Embracing the mess
  2. Shifting team culture
  3. In the file

If you missed it, all the recorded videos of Keynotes & talks are now live on Youtube.

Check them out.

These were my highlights: