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Business books of the Decade by the FT

In Books by Fredy Ore

The Financial Times has created a micro-site which lists the best business books of the Decade across a number of areas including History, Economics, Behavioural Science, Technology, Innovation and others. …

Brent Yorgey’s Factorization Diagrams

In Visualization by Fredy Ore

Brent Yorgey has written a post on Visualisations using factors (Factorization Diagrams). Recently Jason Davies has written on the Diagrams using D3 and a demo by Vjeux. In 2012 Brent …

A list of 22 free Visualization Tools

In Tools, Visualization by Fredy Ore

ComputerWorld has featured a really useful list of 22 free visualisation tools The notable ones are: – a new tool to create data visualisations ( visualisation (

IDEO’s vision on the Future of Books

In Future by Fredy Ore

IDEO have created a nice concept video on their visions for the future of the book. Meet Alice and Nelson – different experiences linking diverse discussions, connected readers, multiple stories and community building around books.