Spacially Aware Interactions & Devices

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Ishac Betran has shared a blog post and video of the idea for Spacially aware interactions on his blog. spatial |ˈspeɪʃ(ə)l| (also spacial) Adjective Relating to space: the spatial distribution …

Content Aware Fill & Adobe Photoshop CS5

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Some of the new interesting features for Adobe Photoshop CS5 includes showing off effects even developers did not intend. One such feature is Content Aware Fill as written about on …

UK UPA london event: Games and the EyeToy

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The UK Chapter of the UPA, the Usability Professionals’ Association who promote usability concepts and techniques in the UK, will be holding an event tomorrow night at Microsoft London on …

The new Beta Yahoo search, MySearch

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Yahoo have launched their beta version of their new search engine, MySearch. A personalised search engine that recalls and categorises results.

37 Signals paper on Using Patterns in web design

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Ryan Singer has written an interesting article, that is an introduction to using patterns in web design. The paper covers ways to group, prioritize, and organize similar items during mockups …

Nose movement and blinking controls the mouse

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New Scientist comments on a new innovative interface that allows users to move the cursor on the screen by softly twitching your nose from left to right, and accepting actions …